The Story of Blood

Image: karolina-grabowska

Blood is one of the most important components of life.

Image: Charliehelen Robinson

Blood is a red fluid that circulates in arteries and veins of all living beings, which provides vital requirements and exchange of the gases.

Image: Mike Jones

Its function is to transport oxygen and nutrients to all tissues and organs of the body.

The blood is connective tissue which is fluidic in nature.

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Blood Only the Red Blood Cells(RBCs) are responsible for transporting oxygen. 

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It is continuously pumped by heart allowing circulation of blood throughout the body.

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Blood also carries antibodies that fights with the pathogens.

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It collects the waste products which gets filtered in the kidneys allowing to discharge the waste via urinary system.

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An adult individual carries 5 to 6 liters of blood making around 8% of the body weight.

Image: Unsplash

Red blood cells consist of hemoglobin, a protein that contains iron. Oxygen combines with this iron giving the color red color to our blood.

Image:Rogeriopfm, Wikimedia Commons

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