About Us Hamare Baare Me Kuch

We are a bunch of Post Graduates from Microbiology and Biotechnology Stream. While going through our phase of Graduation and Post-Graduation, we realised the importance of many things which we learnt through our experiences. Our Faculties played a major role in honing us to be true professionals that we are today. It was due to their guidance and mentoring that we are here today, making this blog.

Before the pandemic, we used to occasionally visit our College/University and meet our Teachers and our Teachers would put us to an impromptu discussion with the PG-Freshers or UG students. The whole idea was to generate awareness about our field, the research that is going on, the vision for future and so on. Our shared experiences helped the students to be motivated and made us feel good that through our rough journey of UG & PG, we were able to help out the next generation.

During the pandemic, we received numerous requests for delivering Webinars on our experiences during our Educational Phases as it has become the norm today. Mostly it was our teachers from previous institutions, who asked us to share our experiences. We realised that in this Online Era (& also before that), a lot many students remained clueless about Labs and Lab Protocols, especially the Freshers. So, we decided to come up with this idea of sharing our experiences with you all.

Also, as a token of gesture to our alma mater and our teachers, we are using our nicknames given by our Faculties to keep it light.

Hope you all like this effort and benefit from it.

Team BiokiMicroki