About Us

BiokiMicroki is the brainchild of Dr. Sangha Bijekar & Mr. Himanshu Khobragade. Both being passionate about Education & having teaching experience at a University level, wanted to create a platform that offered easy reading material for quick and ready reference. But printing was a tedious and expensive affair. While contemplating on publishing, the pandemic struck and both had almost given up on the idea of printing.

During the pandemic the world was shifting to online mode. From resources to teachers, everybody was jumping on the online bandwagon of Education. However, we observed that most students were not able to access our library books. While a few of them had their own books. The classes and lectures were online but there was a scarcity of reference & reading material. While there are many educational resources available on internet, from videos to articles, we seldom found any resource that was student friendly.

This rekindled our wish of getting our publications in the online world. Being a prolific writer, Dr. Bijekar would draft articles while Mr. Khobragade, the tech-savvy wordsmith would handle the editing and the technical part of the blog. Pankaj, Sana, Ismail, and Priya our dear and valuable students chipped in and helped in contributing more articles.

After overcoming all the challenges as a team, the blog was finally launched on the October of 2020. We have been trying to be as consistent as we can through all this pandemic. Our penultimate goal is to provide quality reading material to those who are in great need of this. We believe that peer-learning enhances the learning experience and hence we have started accepting Guest Posts to provide a platform for budding authors to publish their articles on our website.

With the passage of time, we have contributed significant articles that are student and reader friendly and owing to this, we have been successful in scoring great rankings in the Google Search with some articles featuring as the top articles or snippets on Google. At the same point of time, we have grown from a 100 readers a month to 60K readers per month. We are grateful to our readers and their belief in us.

We are positive that we will continue to publish great content with your love and support.

Hope you all like our efforts and benefit from it.

Team BiokiMicroki