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D and Z Values – The Easy Peasy Quiz 

These questions are designed to test basic understanding of D and Z values in the context of sterilization.


#1. What does the D value represent in sterilization?

#2. The Z value in sterilization refers to:

#3. If a microorganism has a D value of 5 minutes at 121°C, how long will it take to reduce its population by 90% at that temperature?

#4. A high D value indicates:

#5. Which of the following best describes the relationship between D value and sterilization efficiency?

#6. The formula for calculating Z value is:

#7. In the context of sterilization, what does a low Z value indicate?

#8. Which parameter is used to determine the efficacy of different sterilization temperatures?

#9. During sterilization, if the temperature is increased by the Z value, the D value will:

#10. What is the significance of knowing the D and Z values in the food industry?


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