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Immunology Quiz


Immunology is the study of the immune system, a complex network of cells, tissues, and molecules that protects the body from infections, pathogens, and foreign substances. It involves understanding how the immune system recognizes and responds to antigens, modulates its response to maintain self-tolerance, and forms immune memory for long-term protection. Immunology studies various aspects […]

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DNA southern hybridization

Southern Hybridization : A Bio-analytical Technique

Southern Hybridization is one of the nucleic acid Hybridization technique that allows us to identify similar sequence in DNA. It works on the principle of Watson and Crick complementary base pairing. The motive of identifying similar sequence is to find the extent of genetic relatedness or to find genetic variant. In hybridization method, a small

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Animal Biotechnology

Animal Biotechnology & its Applications

Animal Biotechnology is the branch of Biotechnology that deals with genetical modification of animals to improve their quality and productivity. It also deals with the production of therapeutic valuable compounds in animals. The Applications of Animal Biotechnology are in the field of Agriculture, Pharmaceutical and Dairy Industries. The animals are genetically modified at cellular and

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Binary Fission

Binary Fission – An Asexual Mode of Reproduction

Bacteria are prokaryotic unicellular organism. They reproduce asexually. Before dividing, bacteria need to replicate its genetic material in order to transfer the vital life process information to its next generation. The bacterial chromosome is present in cytoplasm in the form of nucleoid. Compared to eukaryotes, bacterial DNA is smaller and less complex. Due to which

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Need Help?

As students of Life Sciences, don’t we all need more of that lovely coffee? One of the peak times for such craving is when you sit down to get your Journals, Lab Manuals, Theory notes, and the ilk completed. By the time we reach this stage, we have either lost our notes or lent it

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Demonstrating the presence of Microflora

Microflora: Demonstration Of its Presence in The Environment

Microflora is nowadays being considered as a misnomer as the term Microbiota is becoming more common in parlance. Introduction to Presence of Microflora : It is known fact that microorganisms are ubiquitous, they present in air, water, soil and surface of animate and inanimate objects. When microbes are present in air, they are in the

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