An Interview with Mr. Swarnadip Ghosh

An Interview with Mr. Swarnadip Ghosh (AIR – 1) in GATE 2022 (XL)

Dear Readers,

I am Sana and today we have with us Mr. Swarnadip Ghosh. He has accomplished his M.Sc degree from Indian Agriculture Research Institute. He has the experience of cracking the UGC-NET and GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) in life Sciences as well as that of topping it! He ranked No. 1 !!  Today, in this interview, we will try to decode his marvelous attempt at this National Level exam. Read this section & get ready to be inspired and motivated!

On behalf of my team, I would to thanks Mr. Swarnadip Ghosh, for accepting our request and sharing his knowledge and experience with us.

Brief Profile of Mr.Swarnadip Ghosh –

He is a student with agricultural sciences background. He did his UG from Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, West Bengal. He is current pursuing his masters’ program with the discipline Genetics and Plant Breeding at Division of Genetics, ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi. This year, He has secured first rank in GATE-LIFE SCIENCES. Moreoever he have successfully qualified GATE exam consecutively for three times with good ranks. Apart from GATE, he has also qualified TIFR-JGEEBILS and Joint CSIR UGC NET with JRF.

An interview of Swarnadip Ghosh @biokimicroki
Mr. Swarnadip Ghosh

Sana: Mr. Ghosh, you have an experience of cracking the National Level Exams it would be great to receive your pearls of wisdom.

So shall we proceed with the interview?

Mr. Swarnadip Ghosh: Yeah, please.

Sana: So, my first question is, When did you start preparing for the National level competitive exams?

Mr. Swarnadip Ghosh: Well. If you talk about GATE, I qualified GATE-XL first time in 2020 with AIR 68. Since I was interested in doing a Ph.D., I need fellowship. So, I started preparing for CSIR NET. I prepared it for about 1 year.  Hence, GATE preparation was secondary. Just I need to revise some portions in chemistry, as it is a compulsory section in GATE life sciences paper.

Sana: What was your motive to appear for these exams?

Mr. Swarnadip Ghosh: As I already said, I was interested mainly for NET JRF to have a fellowship. So, I need to secure a fellowship for the same. Along with fellowship, good score and rank help us to get a good institute for admission. Qualifying these exam opens a lot of opportunities for the students who are really interested to do higher study with good research work.

Sana: What are the new opportunities a candidate can receive after qualifying UGC-NET and GATE exam (What are the doors that open up for a candidate after qualifying the Exam?)

Mr. Swarnadip Ghosh: Qualifying CSIR-UGC NET with JRF assures fellowship for 5 years if we want to do a doctoral degree. This is very essential in terms of financial security. CSIR NET LS qualified candidates are eligible for assistant professor positions. Moreover, it is also a criterion for selection in many funded projects, as associates, junior research fellows (JRF), senior research fellows (SRF) etc. GATE qualification is also accepted for selection of various positions in many organizations, like BARC, DRDO etc.

Sana: Who is eligible to appear for the GATE exam?

Mr. Swarnadip Ghosh: The candidate currently studying in the 3rd or higher year of any undergraduate degree program are eligible to appear in GATE exam. The candidate who has completed any government approved degree program in Engineering / Technology / Architecture / Science / Commerce / Arts is also eligible for appearing in the GATE exam. Students of 4 years B.Sc. (e.g., Agriculture) can also appear for the same and M.Sc Graduates.

Sana: Students strongly believe that GATE is an extremely difficult exam, is it correct?

Mr. Swarnadip Ghosh: Yeah, many people think that GATE is one of the most difficult exams. But it is wrong. Rather I will say, it is the easiest exam if you have the right approach. No doubt, it is easier than CSIR NET exam. If we have proper preparation and practice, I must say, anyone can crack the exam.

Sana: How did you prepare yourself for the GATE exam? What kind of strategy you used?

Mr. Swarnadip Ghosh: Since I was preparing for NET, automatically many things were covered for GATE as well. What I had to study only is chemistry. I practiced general aptitude for a few days (mainly CSIR level, GATE aptitude is easy). For GATE exam, I have decided the optional subjects (i.e., biochemistry and botany) that I would attempt in the exam and focused on those portions which are most important from exam point of view. I also solved some previous year papers. 

Sana: How did you plan your days and routine in order to meet your goal?

Mr. Swarnadip Ghosh: Although initially I planned my days for preparation, I could not follow later because of shortage of time due to lab works and all. I did not have any fixed schedule for study. But I analyzed the papers and covered the necessary portions. Probably, this saved me.

Sana: Did you join any coaching classes for the Exam preparation? Do you think it is necessary?

Mr. Swarnadip Ghosh: No, I didn’t join any coaching mainly due to paucity of time. But I followed some lectures freely available in you tube etc. I think, self-study is more than sufficient. But we should be focused and practice some mock papers before exams.

Sana: Please share some quick Do’s and Don’ts for our GATE aspirants. Our readers greatly benefit from such tips.

Mr. Swarnadip Ghosh: Firstly, the do’s: students should go through the syllabus and then check the previous year question papers. It is very important because you will get an idea about the type and pattern of questions usually asked. Revision of important portions is a must. Students who are going for the first time, should practice aptitude at least for a few days. Care should be taken for proper use of time. Students should also be aware of the use of scientific calculator for solving mathematical problems.

The don’ts: Since accuracy is important to avoid negative markings, do not attempt those questions about which you have never heard or straightway, don’t know the answers (confusion with all the options given). If question comes from a topic, you read but you are unable to solve that, ignore it, don’t take it on ego. You have many other questions. Focus on them.

Sana: Please share your concluding remarks if there are any.

Mr. Swarnadip Ghosh: GATE is a very easy exam provided we have the right approaches. With good preparations and practice, anyone can crack it. Finally, I wish you all the best for your exam.

Thank you for being kind to allow us for this interview and sharing your wisdom!

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