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Biosafety Cabinets- The Easy Peasy Quiz 


#1. What is the primary purpose of a biosafety cabinet (BSC)?

#2. Which type of airflow does a biosafety cabinet use to protect the user and the environment?

#3. What is the biological equivalent of using hazardous chemicals inside a fume hood?

#4. Which level of biosafety cabinet provides protection for both workers and samples?

#5. What does the acronym SAL stand for in biosafety cabinet terminology?

#6. Which type of biosafety cabinet relies on an external ventilation pipe’s fan for airflow?

#7. What is the primary function of a biosafety cabinet?

#8. Which type of biosafety cabinet is currently the most widely used?

#9. What does a biosafety cabinet’s airflow consist of?

#10. What is the primary engineering control provided by a biosafety cabinet?


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