BiokiMicroki Quiz


#1. What is the primary purpose of a biosafety cabinet?

#2. Which type of biosafety cabinet provides both personnel and product protection but not environmental protection?

#3. Which biosafety cabinet is commonly used for working with hazardous agents that require Biosafety Level 3 containment?

#4. How is air filtered in a biosafety cabinet to remove contaminants?

#5. Which of the following practices is NOT recommended when using a biosafety cabinet?

#6. What is the airflow pattern in a Class II biosafety cabinet?

#7. Which class of biosafety cabinet is fully enclosed and designed for high-risk microbiological work?

#8. What personal protective equipment (PPE) is recommended when working with a biosafety cabinet?

#9. How often should the HEPA filters in a biosafety cabinet be inspected and replaced?

#10. Which of the following is a key difference between a biosafety cabinet and a laminar flow hood?


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