D and Z Values – The Intermediate Level Quiz


#1. What does the D-value represent in sterilization?

#2. The Z-value measures

#3. If the D-value at 121°C is 1.5 minutes, what would be the new D-value at 131°C (assuming a Z-value of 10°C)?

#4. What is the required Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) for steam sterilization processes?

#5. Which value represents the number of degrees of temperature change necessary to change the D-value by a factor of 10?

#6. What does the acronym SAL stand for?

#7. Which temperature is commonly used for steam sterilization in autoclaves?

#8. What does a Z-value of 20°C indicate?

#9. Why is understanding D-values important in sterilization?

#10. Which of the following is true about Z-values?


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