Principle and Construction of Bacteriological Incubator

Bacteriological Incubator is an electric equipment used for providing favorable environment for for optimum bacterial growth.

Introduction of Bacteriological Incubator–

Incubation is defined as the time and favorable environment required for growth and development of any given organism. In terms of Microbiology, the incubation is defined as time, temperature, humidity and gas required for the growth of microorganisms. The principle and construction of Bacteriological incubator is similar to BOD incubator. To obtain optimum microbial growth, an instrument called Incubator is used. The thermoregulation of Incubator allows maintaining the desired and favorable temperature for microbes obtaining maximum growth. As the temperature and humidity fluctuates in the natural environment it affect the microbial growth. And hence, the Incubator is one of the most important equipment of the Microbiology and Biotechnology laboratory. In this article, the working principle and construction of Bacteriological incubator is explained in a simplified way.

Principle of Bacteriological Incubator:

The Incubator is designed to obtain the optimum growth of microbes. The instrument works on thermo temperature mechanism. The set temperature is maintained by sensor and cooling system. The Instrument maintains the physical environment like temperature, humidity, oxygen and carbon dioxide level as per the requirement. The regulation of these parameters varies from design to design. Knowing the need of the microorganism, the parameters are set accordingly.

Construction of Bacteriological Incubator

Components of Bacteriological Incubator –

  1. Cabinet: The cabinet body is made is up of stainless steel. The cabinet is coupled with insulator that does not allow heat to escape and hence maintains the temperature.
  2. Shelves: The cabinet space is divided by the shelves, which provide space for placing the microbial culture.
  3. Door: The Incubator looks like small cupboard, which has insulated door with handle. The Door is air tight because of asbestos gasket that allows keeping heat trapped inside the incubator.
  4. Thermostat: It plays important role in maintaining the desired temperature. Thermostat contains the censor that senses the temperature and maintain as per the setting.
  5. Control panel: The control panel is placed on the front side of the cabinet, just above the door. The control panel contains switches for all the parameters. We can set the parameter as per our need.
  6. Other control: The Incubator also serves to supply humidity and gas requirement (O2 and CO2). The gas is maintained by the associated reservoirs. The humidity is maintained by the vaporizing the water.

Thermo sensing system

Application of Bacteriological Incubator:

They are used for culturing the desired microorganisms. They are used in Microbiology, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Industries, Educational and Research Institutes for educational and research purpose.

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