BOD Incubator

Working Principle and Construction of BOD incubator


The Biochemical Oxygen demand (BOD) incubator is widely used in different branches of Life Sciences. The working principle and construction of BOD incubator is almost similar to Bacteriological incubator. BOD incubator works at low temperature. It is used for incubation of biochemical reactions while conducting organic chemical studies of wastewater. And it is also used for incubating tissue culture or fungi. The major difference between Bacteriological incubator and BOD incubator is the temperature range. The given article explains working principle and construction of BOD in a simple way.


The BOD Incubator is designed to obtain the optimum growth of for conducting Biochemical reactions. The Instrument works on thermo-temperature principle. It consists of thermostat to increase the temperature, biosensor to sense the rise in temperature and cooling system with PID control. The PID controller works on control loop feedback mechanism, making it efficient in maintaining the temperature.

Components of Incubator –

  1. Cabinet: The cabinet body is made is up of stainless steel. The cabinet is coupled with insulator that does not allow heat to escape and hence maintains the temperature.
  2. Shelves: The cabinet space is divided by the shelves, which provide space for placing the microbial culture.
  3. Door: The Incubator looks like small cupboard, which has insulated door with handle. The Door is air tight because of asbestos gasket that allows keeping heat trapped inside the incubator.
  4. Illumination: The BOD incubator may have source of light (fluorescent or LED), which is either controlled by opening or closing the door; may have separate switches.
  5. Thermostat: It plays important role in maintaining the desired temperature. Thermostat contains the censor that senses the temperature and maintain as per the setting.
  6. Cooling: The refrigeration system is employed for cooling the BOD incubator.
  7. Control panel: The control panel is placed on the front side of the cabinet, just above the door. The control panel contains switches for all the parameters. We can set the parameter as per our need.
BOD Incubator

Difference between Bacteriological and BOD incubator

 Bacteriological IncubatorBOD incubator
Temperature37°C20 to 25°C
Temperature regulationHeating and sensingHeating, sensing and cooling
External EnvironmentIndependent of external environmentDependent on external environment
Temperature range by10 to 605 to 60
PurposeFor incubating biochemical reaction and culturing yeastsFor culturing bacteria
Difference between Bacteriological and BOD incubator


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