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Get Skilled: Biotechnology job for Freshers

Are you searching for Biotechnology job for freshers? Following article deals with What Biotech Companies expect from Freshers/Young Graduates.

If you are from Life Sciences and do not wish to go into Academia and want to enter the industry, there are a few things you might want to pay attention to before applying for a job.

Being from Academia, it is difficult to have real knowledge of the job market. Many institutions have little to no support on grooming and assisting in job search. Sure there is some help like résumé crafting and interview skills. And also the internship opportunities. However, these rarely prepare a biotech/microbiology for a job in the industry. One has to work independently to score a good job. The job listings nowadays have more requirements than before. And they are mostly from the Soft Skills department.

Why the need for Soft Skills for job vacancies in top biotech companies?

While a lot many students think that the knowledge they have gained at their institution would be good enough to score a job. However, it is a mistake to rely on that entirely.
The competition is stiff. As there are fewer vacancies, large number of candidates apply for a small number of jobs. This brings “Soft Skills” into the picture. Almost all the companies look for those candidates who bring these skills along with their Hard Skills (technical knowledge required to do a job) to the table. Because everybody wants the cream crop to represent their organisation.
Corporates invest millions in getting the best of machines & technology, the best budget & facilities( material), and if the human resource is substandard then the overall effect is – millions x zero=zero.

The current scenario of Biotechnology job for Freshers

Soft skills are a must if you want to get a good position after moving out from academia.
Ignore them at your own peril. Especially if you are a fresh Master’s student. Your situation might be precarious if you hold a PhD and are looking for a job in the Industry.
There are many surveys (Life Science Workforce 2018 Conference, hosted at Northeastern University’s Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex (ISEC)). and articles like this one, which point out to three important findings:

  1. There is going to be a good growth in the LifeSciences field by the year 2023
  2. Most young graduates and freshers are unaware about Soft Skills.
  3. There is huge talent gap in the booming LifeSciences industry.

Communication Skills, Collaboration, Critical Thinking & Creativity, and Troubleshooting were the main talent gap areas.

What are the soft skills in Biotechnology & Microbiology career:

As per the survey of 2019 by American Management Association, a non-profit educational organization, there are four main skills that have emerged to be the most valued skills for any employee within an organisation. These are :

1. Critical thinking and problem solving—the ability to make decisions, solve problems, and take action as appropriate;
2. Effective communication—the ability to synthesize and transmit your ideas both in written and oral formats;
3. Collaboration and team building—the ability to work effectively with others, including those from diverse groups and with opposing points of view;
4. Creativity and innovation—the ability to see what's NOT there and make something happen.

Other skills required for Biotechnology job for Freshers

Attention to detail : This is perhaps the most important yet the most neglected skill. Checking for spelling mistakes in every documentation you make, making sure that you submit the documents error free, and are prepared to provide any relevant information during the interview. All of these signify that you pay attention to details. And not just that but do you check your non-verbal communication and bejavarioul skills? Did you reply to the hiring manager’s mail confirming the time of the interview? Were you on time for the interview with the documents you were asked to produce? Did you take a good followup with the HR post-interview?

All of these prove that you are a candidate who can be trusted with responsibilities and that you will give your best to the work. This makes it easy for the employers to choose a reliable candidate.

Punctuality: Punctuality signifies that you are dedicated towards your work and will never let the organisation down. Companies expect that an employee should be able to carry out any work assigned to them within the assigned period of time (unless there are exceptions).
Punctuality is also seen as a sign of determination and zeal towards your work. And hence, it allows the organisation to see the candidate deeply.

Honesty: Ethical & Moral values like Honesty can not be taught instantly. It is a resultant of a person’s socio-cultural-economic environment. Hiring Managers are very well aware that humans make mistakes and it is okay. But hiding or lying about anything is not okay. And hence, it is best to be honest about everything.

Integrity & Accountability: Integrity is all about owning up one’s responsibility. What most young graduates do not realise is that Integrity is a major stand out point for employers. When you make mistakes, you have to admit it and assure that you won’t repeat it again. This will show your maturity as well as accentuate your integrity. If you try to cover up your mistake, you will only be pushing yourself into deeper trouble.

Loyalty: Organisations invest a significant amount of time, efforts, and resources to hire employees. It is a time consuming process and hence organisations do not want to do it over and over again. Hence, when they hire employees, they expect them to stay with the organisation for a longer time. This is a crucial factor for freshers to showcase their Loyalty.

Digital Know how/Technical Literacy: Irrespective of your job profile, having a basic understanding of computer hardware and software, especially Word, Excel and Email Etiquette plays a crucial role in getting selected. It goes without saying that knowing technology gives you leverage in your workforce. Being proficient in technology and its application is a major edge that one must have.


Today, academia has very little scope to develop such essential job skills. And therefore it is upto the students to make proper actions to improve their skills. Biotechnology job for Freshers are available on various forums but in order to be eligible and sustain the job it is important to upgrade your soft skills.


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