MCQ quiz

MCQ on History of Microbiology

Following is a Microbiology Quiz which is aimed to strengthen your knowledge on the History of Microbiology.

Before solving the quiz you can also read our article on History of Microbiology


#1. The experiment of meat and maggots was conducted by

#2. John Needham's experiment was challenged by

#3. Who resolved the spontaneous and non spontaenous germ theory?

#4. Name the scientist who has proved that dust carries germs

#5. Which of the following scientist supported spontaneous generation?

#6. Animalcules term was given to microorganisms by

#7. The relationship between anthrax and Bacillus anthracis was first established by

#8. "Cells come from cells" was stated by

#9. Who proved that a virus particle causes the tobacco mosaic disease?

#10. Who discovered vaccine for anthrax?


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