MCQ quiz

Following is a Molecular Biology Quiz which is aimed to strengthen your knowledge on the DNA replication.

Before solving the quiz you can also read our article on DNA replication in bacteria and comparison between bacterial and Eukaryotic DNA replication.

Try to solve the MCQ and Check your score.


#1. Nucleotide is formed from

#2. DNA replication starts from origin was discovered by

#3. The primary enzyme involved in DNA replication of E.coli is

#4. Topoisomerase have

#5. Klenow fragment contains

#6. In Eukaryotes, the DNA replication initiates from

#7. During replication in prokarotes, the torsional strain is relieved by

#8. During DNA replication, denaturation of DNA at bacterial orgin occurs because of binding of

#9. Primosome complex is formed by

#10. The orgin for DNA replication is rich in


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